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A Smoky blended Islay Malt- 10 years old

Containing 4 casks of single malts from undisclosed distilleries in the Highland, Speyside & Islay Regions. 

It was bottled at a strength of 48.5%, keeping its natural colour and without chill filtration


Tasting notes by the AlphaBet Whisky Advisory Board


A strong sulfur start that comes down very quickly, Menthol, A little peat, Dampness, Carambula, Sea-salt, Minerals, White sultanas, and Cucumbers salad.


Very illusive- moving from sweet to smoke to sour to bitter, Some notes of minerals, Oily.


Long. Wet smoke, Peat, Sea-salt, Citrus sourness.

St. Bridgets Kirk #3- 10y 48.5%

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