Distilled at Glenrothes -

This whisky was aged in a refill buorbon for 8 years and than finished in a first fill Moscatel Wine Barrique for 4 months

It was bottled at cask strength of 58%, keeping its natural colour and without chill filteration



Stunning luminous gold


A brilliant combination of vanilla spiciness from the bourbon cask and a delicious fruit overture from the Moscatel cask. The charred oak overture from the bourbon brings a delightful sweet vanilla/spicy combination that embraces the cask tannins


The sweet crispness of the barley emerges bringing and adding a crispy cereal flavour that is delightful and provides a platform on which the Muscatel overture shines. Hints of green apple, spring gardens and heather in bloom. It’s young, vibrant and anxious to please, which it does


Finishes beautifully with malt and Moscatel combination: candied orange peel, green tea note and dried dark raisins

Glenrothes- 9y- Moscatel finish- 58%