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A Sherried blended Islay Malt- 20 years old

Containing 3 casks of unpeated single malts from undisclosed distilleries in the Highland, Speyside & Islay Regions. 

It was bottled at a strength of 45.1%, keeping its natural colour and without chill filtration


Tasting notes by the AlphaBet Whisky Advisory Board


Cooke fruits compote, including grapes and red fruits, Raspberries, Blueberries, Mulberries, Strawberries in whipped cream, Wood, and Nuts.


Nice and gentle, Fruity, Oily, Ripe yellow apple, Red grapes, Dark sultanas.


Long. Starting with strong bitterness mixed with sultanas sweetness. As time passes the bitterness is softened and plums appear.


Boards advice- Do not add water

St. Bridgets Kirk #2- 20y 45.1%

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