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Distilled at Knockdhu Distillery (home of Acnoc single malt)

Aged for 10 years. Finished in Virgin Oak cask and bottled at cask strength of 58.2%, keeping its natural colour and without chill filtration


Tasting notes by the AlphaBet Whisky Advisory Board


Violets, Lemon pie, Brown butter, Vanilla cream, White pepper, Safron, Peach, A hint of Clove, Sage, and Liquirtz. A Basque Cheesecake


Lemon cream, Zabaione, Vanilla, Butter and Margarine, Peanutbutter, Lemongrass, Louisa


Medium. Sourness and bitterness of unripe fruits decaying into butter and gentle sweetness

Knockdhu 10 Virgin Oak Finish- 58.2%

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